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23 Aprile 2018

Una bella notizia ha rallegrato gli animi della farmacia in queste giornate piovose e fredde. La tesi di laurea di Pasquale Marenna è stata pubblicata negli Stati Uniti d'America dal International Investigative Dermatology. La farmacia e i suoi collaboratori hanno sempre creduto nel progetto nato nel nostro laboratorio cosmetico perfezionando l'idea  di  Riccardo e Alessandro; i primi nella provincia ad aver coltivato una piantagione di Cannabis Sativa.

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Formulation and evaluation of topical products with Cannabis Sativa oil

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Marco Andreassi, Pharmacy - Aggregate Professor, Department of Biotechnologies Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Siena (Role: Presenting Author)
Carrado Salvini, Pharmacy - Department of Biotechnologies Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Siena (Role: Co-Author)
Pasquale Marenna, Pharmacy - Department of Biotechnologies Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Siena (Role: Co-Author)

Preferred Categories
Pharmacology and Drug Development


This work was aimed to study the stability, and the activity of topical products formulated with Cannabis Sativa oil produced in Italy, in Tuscany (not containing THC). 
Recent studies have suggested a possible moisturizing and elasticizing activity of Cannabis Sativa oil. 
For such characteristics Cannabis Sativa oil appears an appropriate ingredient to be used in topical preparations for the treatment of skin hydration. The oil was  incorporated into O/W emulsion in  a standard formulation at percent concentration of 1%, 3% and 5% respectively of Cannabis Sativa seed oil,  one O/W emulsion was preparied without active ingredient as control. 
The investigation was carried out on 20 healthy male and female volunteers, between the ages of 20 and 40, with normal or dry skin. Each product was applied to the volar surface of the forearm at a dose of 3 mg/cm2. As control, the same cream without active ingredient was applied to the other forearm. To evaluate TEWL and skin elasticity,was used the device Aveal 220 (Sylton diagnostic systems). 
The skin hydration action of the emulsions was evaluated in relation to basal value, and the emulsion without active ingredient, respectively after 15 minutes and 7 days. The skin elasticity was evaluated after 1 h, 8 h and after 7 days. 
The results showed that the 3 emulsions with Cannabis Sativa oil, compared to the emulsion without active, significantly increase the degree of hydration and elasticity of the skin. The 3% formulation of Hemp oil has a greater power of hydration of the skin compared to other emulsions, both short and long term and is the emulsion that has produced better results.